The Stallion of Cimarron

Makenzie Symm-Moore
2 min readOct 20, 2020


My wordcloud that is in the shape of a horse running free and wild is formed from the script of the movie “Spirit”. A movie that is so iconic in the younger generations teaching many life lessons through a perspective of a wild mustang and his herd.

I choose to make my wordcloud in the wild horse shape because I believe with the words that standout it helps bring more imagination and character to the theme. This was to help viewers who view this word cloud knowing the movie/story or not to feel the words and be able to visualize how these words make up this horses story.

Purposely the larger words that stand out amongst the others I believe truly define who the wild stallion mustang is and what he stands for in this movie’s script.

Stallion, friend, freedom, forever, free, believe, broken, wild, imagined, mustang, land, escape, herd…….

But looking deeper seeing more of the script we get deeper seeing how some of his outside world made up his story.

Sergeant, gentleman, take, reckless, away, stand…….

I feel this is a good representation of how the larger words are the cover of a book but deeper we don’t think about how one’s story from the outside made them who they are.

I believe my typeface I choose makes it clear to see the big words, the things the script/movie wants us to hold on to. However, the typeface when its smaller its unclear to read till we get closer and deeper to understand and know what the movie and story is made up of.

I think the question I have the continues past the script of the movie is how free does the the stallion feel after the movie suggests he is free from the sergeant. Is he still always on edge, worried they may come back?