The Social Network GIFY

Makenzie Symm-Moore
3 min readSep 19, 2020

This was my first time watching this film and I had never heard about or new anything about it either. So I grabbed my popcorn

…..and dove in to it not reading the description at all and went in clueless about it.

Programming, hacking, website creating, friendship betrayal, and legal suits????? So much to keep up with and follow but, it made me curious and wanting to keep watching to know what will happen!!!!

The first scene I was running with it trying to keep up, asking myself….what are they talking about? What is this referencing? Then BAM!

It hit me hearing the name Mark, seeing that the movie is placed at Harvard and the title is “Social Network”….it had something to do not only with the creation of a social media platform but a one of the most identified social media platforms Facebook.

After the break up Mark had with his girlfriend it sent him down a spiral where he decided to create this site of comparing girls at Harvard, the University he attends. The site went viral in just ONE NIGHT!!! Crazy!!!!!

Though Mark was punished by the school for this action it was a kick off for something that I don’t think he ever saw coming. Being known around the school for this site he made that became famous in one night some Frat guys came across his name. They had this dream of creating a site but had no way of knowing how to and thought Mark could help them. Mark blew them off and the guys were completely clueless about it!

The twins just ignored all the signs that obviously meant Mark was blowing them off. Last minute…basically when Facebook was created and launched by Mark just for Harvard students. Once the twins made this realization that they were truly played they did everything they could to get their idea back that Mark stole. That is when the legal suits kicked off but not just with the twins but with Eduardo one of Marks close friends and co-founder.

Finding an additional partner to help with Facebook, Sean, Mark soon was convinced to become very selfish and slowly remove Eduardo from the fame, title, and ownership of Facebook. No scene will top the scene of Eduardo losing his marbles over Sean and Mark.

The film was so entertaining and intriguing to learn how Facebook started and all the issues there was behind it. Though I truly believe after all the legal suits against Mark I think he regretted some of his approach he made with Facebook, he was very selfish and lost a very dear friend. But who cares he got the money at the end of the day….