Smart Mob

Makenzie Symm-Moore
2 min readSep 25, 2020


First off I wish I could find out when this was written. Reading it all that was constantly coming to my head is “This is what is now”.

I had never heard of the term Smart Mob, this was my first time ever coming across the terming and it being used. However, I felt like once I read the definition of the term I had known/experienced the use of the term for years now.

Reading into the term and seeing where the term came alive in many situations around the world just opened my eyes even more that it is becoming more common as technology grows more and time goes on. I mean seriously look our world today and how literally EVERYTHING has been through media, or technology of some sort.

How did you find out about covid? How did you find out news updates? Where did you first hear about the riots media or in person?

Everything is traced to media….I can recall when the protesting started for George Flyod/BLM in Fredericksburg, I had received an alert on my phone to avoid downtown. I immediately went to Facebook and found a variety of “Facebook Lives” from bystanders and participators in the protesting. In the lives whether on Facebook or Instagram locals can easily figure out the location and go to that area.

From that day forward accounts and groups were made of places to meet, protest walks to join etc., and this exactly represents a Smart Mob. Never would I have ever thought there would be and is a term to describe this social behavior/action.